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Dr. Alden Oral History Project
The AAP Gartner Pediatric History Center houses the oral history project. As part of the project interviews are recorded and transcribed; the full collection can be accessed at Oral Histories ( Over three days in July COL (ret) Tom Burklow (former Chair of WRNMMC Pediatrics), Lt Col Nitasha Garcia (Immediate Past President Chapter East), and Ms Jackie Burke (AAP Sections Manager) had the honor of interviewing Dr. Alden at AAP Headquarters in Itasca, Illinois. On the last day Mrs. Alden graciously joined the conversation. The interview was the culmination of months long work with the uniformed Services Chapters and Section. The aim of the interview was to capture highlights of Dr. Alden’s storied career. It was a unique opportunity to hear his perspectives on his upbringing in Iowa, his Army career/service as a neonatologist and his continued work after military service with the AAP, World Health Organization, and the International Pediatric Association (to name a few).
Through it all he has had the steady support of his family where they navigated many PCS’s, some family tragedies, and many family triumphs. The full transcript will be available later this year. Be sure to check it out so that you can learn about his cows. 😊😊
Lt Col Nitasha Garcia Immediate Past President USCE

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